Monday, 10 November 2014




It appears that I've been channelling my inner Miley Cyrus today with these quirky double knots on the top of my Barnet. Before you know it I'll be swinging round in the nude licking a mallet. On that note - I can't get enough of the crisp stripes from ZARA, check them out here. My white/navy tee as pictured is from the organic summer range but please see similar - how could you not at £12.99 p/t-shirt? This adorable denim dungaree dress was a steal in the summer from Primark of all places! Or see similar from ASOS. As much I might wish it was still 27 degrees - unfortunately in reality, I cannot wear this outfit alone so check out my trusty black leggings here along with my favourite Chelsea boot. In this autumnal season, a good parka is a must with a good old (or new) wooly scarf; I've fallen radically in-love with tartan this year and at £14.99 I think this scarf from New Look is the best purchase I've made this year. This was purely my "its my day off, food shopping" look - hence the minimalistic everyday make-up, I'm wearing Estee-Lauder Double Wear Light in 0.5 (I did previously say how pale I am, right?) which I must add is fabulous. It is much more suitable than the original glass bottled Double Wear - I just find that to be cloggy and impossible to take off! Do not be mislead, however, the coverage is still fantastic and much better than any other foundation that I have tried. I do not have greasy nor dry skin however any oil-based make-up looks like I've been on a treadmill all day after three hours of wear, even with powder! (Help?!) The original Double Wear on the other hand, gave me awful dry skin around my nose whereas the lighter option seems to match my skin perfectly - check it out here. Anyway, I had better run, work in the morning! Oh and, I'm test-driving my possible new car tomorrow. Excited much?

L x

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