Friday, 28 November 2014


So I've been poorly since Sunday, my throat feels like I've swallowed a golf ball and I've barely been able to say two words. I have to say my fella was probably pleased with the peace and quiet, though! I've not been at work since Friday due to this, and my lovely mum returned from her shopping trip with her boyfriend today to me in bed (feeling sorry for myself) with this baby blue chunky knit. How adorable is it?! I guess I need to thank the creator of Black Friday. I'm a massive over-sized jumper fan, okay so I'm a little obsessed but who isn't, right? This is one of the sweetest ones I've seen - don't get me wrong, if it was me shopping, I'd have probably chosen the black or darkest grey one (if they have any?) but I'm glad she opted for pastel blue. These dark, dismal few months of the year need a little brightening up, plus it will accentuate my new navy boyfriend coat. The actual idea that I have bought a new coat seems like a miracle to me, I've had the same green fur-cuff parka for about three years now. I haven't thrown her away but I seem to have grown fond of the old girl and have become attached. Out with the old and in with the new hey? Perhaps it is about time. I have actually bought other coats/jackets but they've just been hung up, worn once (maybe twice), and then they've been left and neglected. It's sad really. I think I've finally found 'it', however, half price in the sale at New Look.

Isn't she a beauty? It's the perfect length; just above the knee, not too thick or thin. And... It is actually warm! The amount of coats that I have purchased and admittedly paid an absolute fortune for that don't do what they are actually made for - to give warmth. It is getting much colder now, Christmas is most definitely on its way, so when I'm leaving the house at 8am every morning, I want something that will keep me warm enough for the duration of the walk from the car park to work and visa versa at leaving time. I admit I am not usually a fan of New Look when it comes to coats as they are usually bad quality in my opinion, I think they focus far too much on appearance (I know that a coat needs to be attractive to sell it, however it needs to serve its purpose) but I consider this my diamond in the rough. Enough of me complaining about coats purpose, god I sound old. Growing up is all fun and games though, isn't it? I thought being poorly was supposed to stop you from going out and spending your wages. God damn you online shopping. I've been looking for a pouch clutch and as attractively beautiful as the American Apparel Leather Black Clutch is (see here), it is now less than a month until Christmas and I have to think about what my family would like as gifts rather than satisfying my fashion needs. How upsetting. Anyway on that note - see below the gold quilted clutch I found by ASOS for a cracking price of only £12.00 minus 20% discount (thank you again Black Friday!).
She hasn't actually arrived yet - the delivery date is tomorrow (29/11/2014). I'm hoping that this pearl is a functional size for everyday wear and not just for evenings. I love how unique and glam this clutch bag is. It's also now Out Of Stock so I'm super psyched that I snatched it up while I could. I will also say I have seen the most wonderful fur clutch in Zara. I must resist. I can sense a Christmas wishlist post following in the near future...

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